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  • What are the COVID Protocols?
    Indonesia's current COVID procedures can be found through this website:
  • How will I get my Visa to stay in Bali for 1 year?
    We offer the option to arrange your visa for you at an extra cost if needed. Please contact us for details and prices.
  • Do you offer airport pickups?
    Absolutely! In order to schedule an airport pickup, please contact us, extra fee applies
  • Which airlines are currently flying into Denpasar, Bali's International Airport?"
    Singapore Airlines will be flying into Bali direct again from February 15, 2022. Many other airlines fly into Jakarta first, then, a domestic flight is needed from Jakarta to Bali.
  • What is the cost of living on Bali?
    Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries in the world. To give you an idea, a foreigner can live in the country with an average monthly expense of between $300 and $1000 (beside housing).
  • Hi Speed Internet is essential for my work, is it fast in Bali?"
    Telkomsel is the leading telecommunication company in Indonesia, offering a fast fiber optic connection (up to 100 Mbps). Internet is included in your yearly rate for the villa.
  • Where can I find more reviews about the villas from past guests
    Please contact us directly for a link to years of past guest reviews pre COVID era

Frequently Asked Questions

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